Thursday, 2 December 2010

What do we expect of a Bishop?

Do we expect a Bishop to:-

* Speak out against Government moves that are in conflict with the teachings of the  
   Catholic Church

* Enable Catholic Schools to operate without draconian controls (provided that they
   conform, again, to Catholic principles)

* Fully support the Holy Father and to effectively comply with all guidance and  
   authority from Rome

* Refuse to comply with legal requirements regarding adoption of children by   
   homosexual couples

* Refuse to comply with the sex education programme in Catholic Schools as
   implemented by the Government

* Competently manage and support all priests and religious under their control

* Avoid 'Magic Circle' type networking and, instead, be confident and assured in
   managing their own Diocese

* Encourage holiness and piety within their Diocese

* Ensure that prospective seminarians with an orthodox viewpoint are not excluded at  
   interview stage

* Aid and encourage Anglican clergy who wish to convert and become Catholic priests

* Not regard themselves as 'mini Popes' free to do as they please

Or....... we expect Bishops to do otherwise; because, if that is the case, does that not strike you as being close to the demonic? "If you are not for me you are against me"


  1. Salve Maria!
    Então veja o que o Bispo de um Estado do Brasil aceita em sua Diocese!

    Veja meu Blog:

  2. Another fine post which says what needs to be said.

    There ought to be a League of Bloody-Minded Catholics who speak out against evil, refuse to cooperative with evil whether governmental or eccliastical, obstruct evil, and become a Holy Nuisance. Such a league would be a force for good and a force to be reckoned with.

    Maybe 'Holy Nuisance'? Anyone interested?

    I guess there are enough of us.

  3. Giovana ask you to see what a Brazilian Bishop entertains in his Diocese.

    Only do so if you (speak Portuguese and) are of a strong disposition.

  4. Ttony - thanks to Google translate I have read Giovana's blog. It does not make happy reading.