Wednesday, 8 December 2010

If you don't believe in Christ.....

Then you won't be celebrating Christmas?

Of course you won't, Christmas is a Christian feast - we don't celebrate Hannukah, Eid, Diwali. No menorah or coloured powders for us - no holidays from work, we work right through the feasts of others and rightly so.
But, it appears as if non Christians (and Christians who do not believe in Christ's teachings) all want the bumper Christmas festivities, the presents under the tree, the crackers, turkey, moronic TV repeats, the lot....oh, and maybe they might find time to get to their annual Mass. And, of course, they want the time off work. The word that describes such people is the 'H' word - they will understand what I mean but, sadly, not many of that ilk will be reading a Catholic blog!
However, I would not wish to discourage those of a more secular bent (shall we say) from attending Mass or a service at the church of their denomination; that may provide a point of return for them.
But I would say that "A faith is for life, not just for Christmas! It is insulting to Our Lord just to show up for His birthday but miss out on His life.

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