Friday, 10 December 2010

'Kill Asia Bibi' call

Currently in jail  and facing possible execution under Pakistan's cruel and unjust blasphemy laws, Christian woman, Asia Bibi could be freed pending international lobbying on her behalf and a petition appeal for clemency as featured by Fr Ray Blake and Porta Coeli.
Now, a more sinister element has crept into the picture (according to CNN). Leading Muslim agitator and cleric, Moulana Yousaf Qureshi has offered a cash prize of 6,000 US Dollars to anyone decapitating this innocent woman upon her possible release.

Qureshi (right) has placed a bounty on Asia Bibi's head
"I will pay a reward of 500,000 Rupees to any loyal follower of Mohammed who beheads Asia Bibi" Qureshi declared in front of a crowd of hundreds of followers.
This sum is more than six times the annual average wage in Pakistan and likely to prove attractive to many Muslims (many, I suspect, would be happy to kill the 45 year old wife and mother for nothing).

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