Friday, 24 December 2010

Holy Father on Today programme is all 'due to perserverance of BBC'

This extraordinary claim was made by Ms Pepinster, Editor of The Tablet in an interview with James Naughtie some 40 minutes before Pope Benedict's 'Thought for the Day' message is broadcast.
Even more bizarre, she claims it was "due to BBC journalists"....really?.....that doesn't sound too likely to me but then, I do have a cynical side, or two.

In the same interview the representative of the National Secular Society was expectedly bitter and sour. Thankfully, he does not object to the Pope speaking on air but he does think that it is a big mistake and one not appreciated by the "hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands" of victims of child abuse. Hang on, didn't he forget millions, trillions and krillions there?

Catherine Pepinster put up a lack lustre defence of the Church and appeared to reduce everything to a mechanical 'nuts and bolts' level.
Must go now and hear some real broadcasting history. Radio 4 at c. 7.48am

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