Thursday, 30 December 2010

There is good news and hope for 2011 - it could be a great New Year!

For why? You ask.....Well, for a start we will welcome the new Papal Nuncio to Great Britain, Archbishop Mennini. I suspect his post box is filling up nicely as I blog - at least I hope all those who have had short shrift from their Bishops will be writing to welcome ++ Mennini and to flag up the issues.

Secondly, we know, do we not? That ++ Mennini is going to be a busy man on the Human Resource front. Some of our Bishops will be making their way to the exit door whilst others will be taking up position in the transit lounge...ready for the off in a year or two.

Here is a quick rundown of who goes and when. Some of us, no doubt will throw our hats in the air.....mainly because, in their place, we hope and trust that the Holy Father's wishes will be implemented and we will begin to receive men who hold firm to the faith and the Magisterium.

Arundel & Brighton - + Kieron Conry due to retire 2026 (sorry)

Birmingham - ++ Bernard Longley - with us until 2030

Brentwood - +Thomas McMahon - Hats in the air! He goes in 2011

Cardiff - Vacant....pray like mad that Wales gets a good man, first task for ++ Mennini?

Clifton - + Declan Lang - in for the journey, 2025 - if the Diocese lasts that long

East Anglia - + Michael Evans - 2026 is his red dot on the calendar year

Hallam - + John Rawsthorne - Bingo! he bows out in 2011!

Hexham & Newcastle - + Seamus Cunningham is there until 2017

Lancaster - + Michael Campbell - staying put until 2016

Leeds - + Arthur Roche (groan) - with Yorkshire until 2025.....Ecky thump!

Liverpool - ++ Patrick Kelly........into the transit lounge, 2013 is his year

Menevia - + Thomas Burns - in for the long haul, 2019 is his date

Middlesborough - + Terry Drainey...2024....what????

Northampton - + Peter Doyle - 2019

Nottingham - + Malcolm McMahon......2024...yawn!

Plymouth - + Christopher Budd....nearly there (Deo Gratias) 2012 and he get's his rest

Portsmouth - + Crispian Hollis...Yay! another one for the strasse! 2011 is his year

Salford - + Terence Brain....2013....tempus fugit but not fugit enough!

Southwark - ++ Peter Smith.....with us until 2018

Westminster - ++ Vincent Nicholls - a mere spring chicken, 2020 is his year

Wrexham - + Edwin Regan...ooops! should have gone in 2010, please do not delay on
                our account

Bishop Rawsthorne (left) for the early bath. Bishop Lang, (right) in it for the long haul!

So, out of 22 Dioceses and Archdioceses, we have no less than 8 expecting a change in leadership within the next three years. That represents a 38% new intake of Bishops by 2013. And that is massive.
It could be the beginning of the end for the Magic Circle and the start of an era of spirituality for the Catholics of England and Wales - let's pray that is the case.


  1. Salve Maria!

    Desejo que 2011 seja um ano de grandes batalhas e maiores vitórias em sua vida!
    Parabéns por seus textos, sempre que posso passo no tradutor e os leio. Fantásticos!

    Fiquemos com Deus.

    Giovana (Blog Santa Mãe de Deus!)

  2. Obrigado Giovana, um brinquedo feliz e santamente do ano Novo Você e sua família.