Thursday, 23 December 2010

Soap of the Year Award 2010 goes to.....

'The Nativity'! Sorry to all those who have emailed or commented otherwise, I gave it a go and watched the third episode but it was all to no avail. It was and is a soap, I do not now believe that, by dumbing it down, it reaches people who have no knowledge of the Annunciation and following events. Rather it is pernicious because it distorts and gives a very false impression of what we, as Catholics know to be the truth.

Is this the face of the Queen of Angels, Mother of God?
St Joseph had a hissy fit within seconds of the start of episode 3, throwing furniture around (that he had made) and smashing it up. St Joachim shuffled on and off  looking increasingly like the character Greengrass from Heartbeat; all he needed was a twitch of his features and he would have been perfect. Easy to snipe and chisel away at the characterisation but it really was more than I could stand and I switched off, mentally and physically.
The trouble is, the scriptwriters, producers and actors were so obviously not Catholic. That may sound pompous and pretentious but that really is it. They may not even have been Christian so how could they fully comprehend the evocation of mystery and reverence that this story should portray and inspire.
The fourth in the series goes out tonight (Thursday) but, sadly, I will have a prior engagement.......not sure what but it will be more important than the BBC's Nativity.


  1. ..and then you post "a bridge between Heaven and Earth" which is what they are describing the Messiah as!

  2. What do you expect from the very liberal BBC? I watched The Nativity Story on Film4, and that was excellent. Nothing beats the good old fashioned story.