Thursday, 9 December 2010

Never one to disappoint.....have you seen the Christmas stamps?

I have never met James Preece of Catholic and Loving it fame but I think him a good chap and I follow his blog assiduously. But I have to take issue with him over his latest post regarding Catholics who get in a strop over the secular takeover  of Christmas. According to James, we have forfeited the right to make a claim to the sanctitiy of Christmas as a Christian feast and we should put up with it being dominated with earthly symbols such as snowmen, robins on logs and so on. OK - now this may be tedious and I may be tedious but I DO believe that we need to stake a claim for the holy symbols rather than lie down and accept the avalanche of secular ones.
According to the 'Catholic and Loving it' post, we owe the spread of the Christmas symbology to the secular world; we (Christians) have neglected the sacred side ourselves (agree) and, therefore, we should shut up and let everything find its own level. I hope I am representing your points fairly James.
Sorry, but I believe that it is up to those Christians who believe in the sacred to do something to protect it.
We do want the Christ Child on our Christmas Cards, we do want to hear Carols rather than secular Christmas songs, we do want Nativity images on our postage stamps (they just had to be mentioned) rather than.......who is it this year????

Perfect! - for a second class Christmas!

Oh, it's Wallace and Grommit.....I like them! Take back all that I have blogged.


  1. sigh...every time the Christmas stamps come around someone whinges..they alternate religious and secular images, Wallace and Gromit are great and British and year it will be religious and anyway you can always purchase Catholic stickers etc.

  2. Wallace and Gromit every time!

  3. agreed! Christians should choose religious cards for Christmas. I recently had to do a few hours in a supermarket selling Christmas cards for a charity. 90% of the people said they only wanted religious ones. I was pleasantly surprised. And delighted that I only had religious ones to sell.

  4. Hi Richard,

    My post was really about the fact that the outrage is an annual occurrence when it ought
    to be all year round.

    I agree that we SHOULD stand up for the sanctity of Christmas just as we SHOULD stand up for the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage and so on.

    My intention was not to talk everybody out of defending Christmas, but to show that by not defending other parts of our Christian life we seriously undermine anything we say at Christmas time - just like a child who never plays with her toys and then gets upset when the other children touch them.

    My message wasn't "abandon Christmas" it was "save Christmas by not abandoning everything else"

    Maybe I could have been clearer about that...