Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My non Christmas list

We all have Christmas present lists, some will have written ones, others will have a mental picture of what they would like for Christmas.
Well, I have produced a very helpful list of all the presents that I don't want at Christmas.

The Jack Valero 'Have fun with Public Speaking' kit otherwise known as Monopoly!

Here it is:-

1. Russell Brand - My Booky Wook 2

2. The Tablet Bumper Christmas Annual

3. Best of Taize CD

4. Anything by Richard Dawkins

5. The Reverend Ian Paisley Book of Songs and Dance

6. Hans Kung 'I did it my way' CD

7. Make your own Fireworks set from O. Bin Laden Ltd.

8. The complete guide to liturgical dance by Lavinia Byrne

9. Dress, style and fashion by the Sisters of Comparative Luxury

10. The Jack Valero 'Have fun with public speaking' kit aka as Monopoly.

Perhaps other bloggers might care to share their non lists?


  1. Well I actually think that's very mean about Jack...

  2. The Episcopal Rap:
    "Who knows what's down the road"