Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Not another global warming conference!

'fraid so.....

Cancun, Mexico and they are at it again, world powers prancing around and spouting off about climate change - not so much futile as grossly boring.
Of course, it's the West that has to put it's own house in order and the recommendation has come that Great Britain should reduce its carbon emissions by 60% over the next 20 years. 60% are they stark staring bonkers? That means we will all be driving electric Robin Reliants and using recycled copies of The Tablet to heat our houses (OK, so it's not all bad).]
But, really. Have these world powers never visited India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil (the list is as boring as the conference 'emissions'). All of the aforesaid countries have massive pollution problems and, quite frankly my dear, they don't give a damn!

Not the River Thames, Avon or Dee but the Gomti River, India
Rivers run fluorescent green with putrid chemicals, the sky is darkened by the pungent smoke of the sort of factories that would give a Health and Safety inspector apoplexy, the gutters of the streets are clogged with pcb waste and other unmentionables and the countryside is laid bare by deforestation, mining, factory farming and chemical plants.
And they are worried about reducing clean old GB to an emissions target of 60%.
I suppose the only good side is that it will provide our beloved Bishops with a good topic for their pastoral letters for years to come.

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  1. To be fair, the West does produce much more CO2 emissions per capita: US 18.9, UK 8.9, Brazil 1.9, Indonesia 1.8 metric tonnes per capita figures from Wikipedia).

    Also the developed countries can afford some reductions. I'm not advocating the 60% that you've mentioned here. But they are able to bear a great reduction than say Indonesia and Brazil, aren't they?

    Also, it's not as if these developing countries aren't under pressure - they are, in an even more undesirable area: the promotion of birth control and abortion as means of family planning. This is seen by many as a form of totalitarianism in an area as precious as the family.