Friday, 3 February 2012

Seven bright stars....

But the following Seven Stars
are good for your health!
This week's selection features, top of the bill, A Reluctant Sinner's account of the aftermath of the death of Henry VIII and links it back to the biblical account of dogs licking the blood from the corpse of Ahab (best read on an empty stomach!)

The Devil - do we believe that he is just an image for "our bad side" or, do we fear him? Both concepts are, of course, wrong as Tom and April Hoopes point out in 'How to beat the Devil' in the National Catholic Register

How does a Bishop cope with insurrection from his priests? If only Archbishop Sheen was alive, he would demonstrate the way. He had a spiritual strength in his ability to identify what he would call "the demonic".
 Australia Incognita has a post on the topic facing the Church in Toowoomba - maybe we also need an Austria Incognita!

4. The SSPX, how the acronym makes some people's blood boil but....I think that they are great (except when the get hung up on women's clothing - you know what I mean). Laodicea has a hopeful sort of post about a journey made by a Bulgarian Greek Catholic (amongst other things). I attended a Greek Catholic Mass in Malta once, having gone there with my family for Christmas in the mistaken belief that Malta was a Catholic country. I enjoyed the experience (the Greek Catholic one, not Malta). Anyway, read Laodicea and pray!

5. Catholic guilt, how we nurture it, but it's good really. Those smartie fartie types on television don't understand that it's not so much about guilt as sadness for offending God. A Tiny Son of Mary (where would we be without the strength brought to the faith by converts?) has nice, pithy posts and his Catholic Guilt one is no exception. Thank you Anthony.

6. Christopher Gillibrand needs no introduction, his post commenting on the SSPX negotiations and the isolation that the Holy Father finds himself in makes for bleak reading. Nevertheless, read it and then, when reconciliation happens, wonder at the power of God.

7. Orbis Catholicus Secundus gets my vote because he uses pictures in lieu of 10,000 words but, in this post, he combines the two with a succint quote from Cardinal George regarding Catholic persecution. The message? We will have western martyrs in 20 years. And His Eminence is right!




  1. I really REALLY enjoyed Anthony's post Catholic Guilt. It helped me personally enormously.

  2. Have only gotten around to the NCR piece on the devil and it was excellent, will link to it. Thanks Richard, for expanding our horizons with your lists.

  3. Thank you Joyce,you are very kind. God bless.