Thursday, 9 February 2012

Twelve things that God wants us to do

Simple points to remember, I know, but I find it increasingly easy to overlook some of them. It should not be hard to put all of them into practice.
This list is not exhaustive, please add any that you think should be there.

1. Express our love for Him and our fellow man

2. Remain loyal to the Holy Father and accept his guidance

3. Firmly believe that there is only one God and Jesus Christ is
    His Son made Man

4. Revere and honour His Blessed Mother

5. Keep the commandments of the Church

6. Oppose all secular powers that conflict with His teachings, but peacefully

7. Pray for our Bishops and our priests and religious

8. Live our lives as if it was our last day on Earth

9. Receive Him in Holy Communion

10. Die in a state of grace

11. Renounce Satan

12. Have hope, faith and charity, in abundance

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