Saturday, 25 February 2012

Why the Vatican needs Daleks

Well we are under global attack are we not? We are, as Bishop Finn once said: "At war."

And the Daleks seem uniquely equipped and organised to achieve world domination conversion, even if a tad violently.

They could be just the sort of ally that the Vatican could use right now, after all, they have a good hierarchical structure (unlike some organisations I could mention).
They have, at the top of the pyramid, a Dalek Emperor and, beneath him? her? - (they are a bit TV-ish, those Daleks), we have the Imperial Guard, then the four black elite (Cult of Skaro), the Supreme Dalek and so on.

Meet your new Bishop....

They could be the roaming modern Crusaders of Holy Mother Church, dispensing swift and certain justice wherever a Catholic Church is torched or a Christian hanged for their faith.
Sorting out secularism and other 'isms' with impunity.

Their bodywork is impressive, metal plates surmounted by various "arms" that can screw, cut or shoot at the enemy.

I would like to see forty such "Knights" marching (if Daleks march) down Wood Green High Street on a Saturday afternoon, scattering the Jihad evangelists left right and left again.

And perhaps the Vatican could transport a group to the USA to help the beleaguered faithful there?

Provided they could get up the steps I think they would go down a storm in the Senate or House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden - beware! The Vatican Daleks are out to excommunicate, excommunicate!


  1. Diolch. I certainly would appreciate a Dalek and would intruct one to head off ora mismo to my grandchildren's CINO school in Pembrokeshire.

    God bless.

  2. But you can't have truly Catholic daleks as they'd never manage the Scala Santa...

  3. Thanks Sonia - I know all about CINO schools in Pembrokeshire!

    Ben - what are the Swiss Guard for? I am sure they could give a lift to a dalek.