Wednesday, 1 February 2012

St Bridget's Feastday! St Brigid in the Irish

Or, as we in Pembrokeshire like to refer to her, St Bride

The west flank of Pembrokeshire is skirted by a most beautiful expanse of coastline, clear blue seas, towering cliffs and expanses of bleached sandy beaches.
It is called, St Bride's Bay after the Irish Saint Bridget (you may read a detailed account of her HERE on this great Irish blog).

I do not know how this bay came to be named after this great saint, perhaps, like so many holy Irish people, she began the tradition of crossing the stormy ocean waves to bring a little bit of Christian love and civilisation to the wild and woolly Welsh.

Claims are made upon her not just by Wales but also by some parts of the Outer Hebrides, in which case, the good Saint must have had a busy time of it travelling the length of the British Isles.

A place of spiritual refreshment!
At any rate, I am grateful to her for many things, not least of which is her patronage of a neat little pub called, of course, the St Brides and abbreviated, as is the Welsh custom with all names, to "the Brides".

It just so happens that I too am a patron of "the Brides"

                                     St Bride - Ora pro nobis!

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