Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Just an idea....why don't we.....

...erm, umm, excommunicate the Bishops!

No, no, I didn't say that, honest. It's from an excellent blog that you may view HERE

And, thanks to Philothea on Phire (good limericks today) I also found another ace blogger called Ann Barnhardt, click HERE
Ann talks about the Marxist Bishops (she means the American ones not our nice, err, non Marxists ones).


I'll end it here, else we might have tears before bedtime.


  1. It's sometimes difficult to discern whether some bishops have any belief at all.

  2. I was reading a pice on St Bernard of Clairvaux, published by the Orcadian Redemptorist(?) monks. A bishop had a bad throat and asked the holy saint to cure it. The saint asked him to cure it imself with his faith. The bishop responded and asked the saint to use HIS faith. He did and it worked. The unsaid aspect is the bishop had little or no faith...

  3. Thanks for the plug, Richard!

  4. lol,
    Who would constitute the "we"?
    When all are excommunicated with whom would we be in union?

  5. above was posted at 6.38am on 8th Feb!

  6. EFPE, thank you Father. I am at my wit's end with Blogger over this. A prayer needed methinks.

    1. richard, sign into your blog, then click SETTINGS , then on next line click COMMENTS and scroll down to "Comments Time format" choose from the choices given
      THEN remember to scroll down further to SAVE!

  7. EFPE - thanks Father, I've been trying that. I'll keep at it.