Friday, 3 February 2012

Isn't it time the Church calls an end to separation and brings the homosexual Catholic community under its wing?

It's a serious question. We have experienced the brouhaha that surrounds the so called "Gay Masses" at the Church of The Assumption of Our Lady and St Gregory in London's Warwick Street.

Bring these people in from the cold!

But the feet of the Church seem firmly rooted in treacle.
No change, no development.

I do not like what takes place at these "Gay Masses" - it is an aberration but, those who follow the Soho Masses every Sunday surely deserve something better than this.
It's isolationist, prejudiced, discriminatory, it's a form of sexual apartheid - an entrance for blacks and an entrance for whites, homosexuals or heterosexuals.

We do not have this form of discrimination in Menevia Diocese, We do not know, or particularly care whether our congregation members are lesbians, homosexuals, bank robbers, adulterers or serial paper clip thieves, it's not really our concern, it is purely God's concern.

We embrace all who attend our Masses but then, we don't harp on about  heterosexual issues in our bidding prayers, sermons or after Mass debates.

The Mass is for all and is set in a format for all. It does not need a rainbow banner draped across the sanctuary, or people wearing strange wrong sex garb.
It requires a dress code (yes, it does, even the OF Mass) and that code precludes men dressing as women or vice versa.

But Westminster Archdiocese appears content to corral these poor folk in a sort of sixties type time capsule where those who have this leaning appear as caricatures who stand outside the mainstream of what should be their Mother Church.

Bring them into the fold, do away with all this homosexual babble; if they wish to be accepted then accept them but they have to play their part, as part of the whole, not as freaks.

That means, of course, doing away with Masses that exclude, by their very nature, Catholic families or, even, young Catholic men and women.

Dedicate the Warwick Street Masses to Catholics (full stop), do away with the dated imagery and stop patronising this part of the community.

Better still, provide an EF Mass for all - I am sure that Our Lady and St Gregory would approve.


  1. Best post I have ever read on this subject.Spot on!

  2. I think this is possibly one of the best posts I have seen here. Very well expressed. Congratulations.

  3. Apartheid. Oooooh! They won't like you calling it that. Goes against their accepted templates.

    Fact is, as you point out, Holy Mother Church cares not to whom or what you are attracted, except in so far as it might imperil your soul through sins of thought, word or deed. She is conscious and speaks kindly in the catechism of those with same-sex attraction. She calls all of us to chastity. We all sin, we all seek forgiveness, we are all called to holiness.

    Time for gays to come home.

  4. *standing ovation and applause*
    Excellent post Richard, absolutely spot on. Every word.
    Thank you.
    And I also echo paulinus's excellent sentiments above: Time for gays to come home.

  5. We do not know, or particularly care whether our congregation members are lesbians, homosexuals, bank robbers, adulterers or serial paper clip thieves, it's not really our concern, it is purely God's concern.

    If any of the above are not in a state of grace they should not receive Holy Communion. This, I feel is the reason for Masses which celebrate active Homosexuality. These active homosexuals receive Holy Communion and thus, at least in their eyes, God must approve of their life styles. In the ordinary parish, yes, everyone is welcome, but those whose lives publicly state that they are not in a state of grace would not be welcome to approach to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. Even if the priest didn't have a problem with this most of the congregation would.

  6. Just so! Well and truly said.

    -- Mack in Texas

  7. I was beginning to despair after reading the article and the comments that followed. My jaw was firmly dropped onto the floor, wondering if the article was supposed to be a satire. Thank Heaven, then, for Victoria's simple, Catholic response.

    Thank you, Victoria, for reminding readers about that little issue of being in a state of Grace before receiving the Eucharist. With all this idiotic talk of "same sex attraction" (aka, giving in to mortally sinful thoughts) or that other now-classic weasel-phrase "sexual orientation" (aka, commiting mortal sin) we sometimes forget the niceties of dogma. You are to be commended for reminding people of it.

  8. Clare, Sandy, Fr J & Paulinus, thank you for your comments.
    Victoria and Dan - what can I say except that it is not in our realm of responsibility to second guess the state of another person's soul.
    It is not up to any of us to cast a stone.

  9. I heard they're starting a "Hetero Mass" for those who live an un-chaste heterosexual life... No more of these silly rules telling me who I can and can't sleep with! We want to be accepted into the Church!

  10. Thank you Mack, apologies for overlooking you.