Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Latin Mass or the new Mass...... which?

This video clip presents some (just some) of the differences between the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms of the Mass.

It takes less than ten minutes....it is well worth the time


  1. As this is: a)by someone calling themselves 'TradCat'
    b) on a 'traditional pro SSPX blogwould hardly expect it to be unbiased...ho hum.
    Yet again more swipes at: a) the NO Mass
    b) the vast majority of Catholics around the world who attend it.
    All a bit predictable.
    Subtitles...could do better

  2. Sue, You doth protest too much.

  3. I cannot keep silent, Anon 4:44, when a film like this makes such sweeping and spiteful statements against the vast majority of good and devout Catholics.
    I think humility was mentioned, but I find there's little shown by SSPX/Traditionalists.

  4. Sue, God Bless You! This is not hard hearted or a "swipe" at the NO Mass. It is presented objectively in a compare and contrast format that lends itself to the viewer deciding for them self. The vast majority of Catholics around the world attend the NO Mass not because of choice, but rather because it is what Vatican II forced upon us. Thanks To Benedict XVI, for now, that has changed, and many are dicovering and/or re-discovering the Tradition of 2000 years. The damages done over the past 50 years are only beginning to be recognized and evaluated. Sadly, many of those who have converted to Catholicism in this past half century, are not familiar with or fully understand or embrace the Tradition of the Catholic and Apostolic Church they purport to belong to. It is ironic that a Lutheran Service today, seems more Catholic than many NO Masses I have attended. This Post Vatican II church is not unlike many other Protestant churches desirous of satisfying the masses.

  5. Sue, Its difficult to ignore the Tradition of 2000 years. I see nothing sweeping or spiteful directed at anyone as presented in the video. Please step back and assess the anger and resentment you are personifying here that is directed against other members of the Body of Christ who embrace what has been handed down over the history of the church. The day is coming fast when you may appreciate "Traditionalists" more than you think. Modernizing the church to make it more popular and appealing to the world, has proven a flawed direction. I am eternally grateful that the flame of Tradition has been kept burning. Again, may God Bless and Keep you.

  6. Well, Anon 5:47, I could take to task TradCat on most points presented (and it is tempting!) but any film that begins:
    Latin Mass: Great
    New Mass: Poor
    is not going to be anything other than totally subjective.

  7. I think that the Novus Ordo can be celebrated with dignity and reverence especially if the priest has a thorough knowledge of the Usus Antiquior and the Faith of the Church. Yes it is open more easily to abuse and the watering down of doctrine than the Usus Antiquior. We need the 'reform of the reform' and the Traditional liturgy working side-by-side in the Church. At the same time we must avoid exageration. Fr. A.M.

    1. Well said Father..."The reform of the reform" Novus Ordo certainly has the potential to be celebrated with dignity and reverence, but so often it is not, and its that lack of consistency that is troubling. When its bad, its bad, and there is no need to exagerate.

    2. Well said Father, with respect to your comment "we need the reform of the reform." Yes, certainly the Novus Ordo can be celebrated with dignity and reverence as you suggested, but so often it is not, and its the inconsistency that comes as a result of carte blanche discretion, that is so very troubling and effects a dilution of the faith. So what is the cause? A lack of proper dissemination of what you describe as a "thorough knowledge of the Usus Antiquior and the Faith of the church" (Tradition) as taught in Post Vatican II seminaries around the world, or an objective in those same seminaries to move on and "modernize" Mother Church by ignoring and avoiding the same? Because, when the Novus Ordo is bad, its really bad, and thats no exageration.

  8. The vast majority of Catholics have been denied access to, or even knowledge of, the ancient, traditional, form of the Holy Mass. Many would be very angry if they knew what they were being denied.

  9. Yes indeed Lynda,It makes me sad to think of those who have little knowledge of their heritage,and not through their own fault.The differences between the two are undeniable and huge.

  10. http://www.remnantnewspaper.com/Archives/2013-1115-rodriguez-why-tlm.htm

  11. I have to agree with Sue- there is a dearth of relatively short (and interesting!) videos objectively comparing the Old Mass with the New Mass- and I need it to show my family because we live in a region where there is no Old Mass. Anyone up to the challenge?

    1. Unclear either what you are agreeing with Sue about, or the nature of the challenge. Please elaborate

  12. Sue, you claim that you can take to task most of the points presented by the video. Please do! You might get a few off-putting replies here, but for the love of Truth, I for one would like to hear them! Will you let her do that here Richard?

    1. Joshua, Sue is most welcome to present a case for the OF Mass as opposed to the EF.

    2. Well, where do I begin?
      Sorry to disappoint, Joshua and Richard, but I stopped writing essays a LONG time ago, and I doubt whether it'd convert anyone pro SSPX to my point of view (not for want of trying!)....and I really can't do with the 'off-putting replies' and patronising remarks just now!
      Should I change my mind, you'll be the first to find out...

    3. Thank you Sue. I am sorry as I was looking forward to a well reasoned argument for the new Mass. It would have been something of a scoop for me.

    4. Is there a "well reasoned argument" for the new Mass? We are on such a slippery slope since Vatican II. I just don't know. God Help Us!


    They cancelled all color
    Sanctuaries stripped
    First Communions were duller.

    No crinoline whites
    Pale hues they stressed
    “Only pearled-Pharisees
    Are ever so dressed.”

    Roses, carnations,
    Flowers, all manners
    Left just to wither
    Gainst assertives’ beige banners.

    Pillars of marble
    Corinthian styles
    They decided to paint
    Like pink bathroom tiles.

    Cassocks of red
    Habits blue, white,
    Robes of distinction
    Extinct over night.

    Missals with pages
    Embossed in gloss-gold
    Latin in tint
    English-black often bold.

    Even the ribbons
    To mark scriptural prayers
    Were of green, yellow, silvers
    So to keep us from errors.

    The soft votive flames
    The red opaque glass
    Gave an aura of stillness
    Like time could not pass.

    Yet time it passed,
    Vividness drained
    And populations without color
    Cannot be sustained.

    Pious underground,
    Red blood in blue veins,
    Birthe knowledge, the arts
    Great virtues they’ve gained.

    They did not decay-
    God’s colors kept green
    For the day up above
    Once again to be seen.

    Except for those beige
    Banner-like blind…
    Gray fertility fades
    In their black open minds.

  14. Sue, I'm not certain why you would assume or make reference to "off-putting remarks" with respect to this thread, as from what I gather the comments have been entirely civil. We are One Body after all. Is it assumed that this is an SSPX blog? I am new here, but am not formally a member of the SSPX. That said, I do believe that the way things are going, they (SSPX) could represent what may be the Remnant Church that prevails against the gates of hell, but under Summorum Pontificum, and until then, I will do everything in my power to convince Catholics everywhere to seek out a TLM.

  15. I guess I need to know what the guidelines are posting to avoid posts being removed

  16. Most Catholics dont know that they dont know. Attended my first Latin Mass in my 30s. Scant opportunity for many Catholics to come across one unless they proactively seek it out.

  17. It's as though the fundamentally divergent liturgy were planned to do the maximum amount of damage to the Faith.