Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dress code for the Guild meeting

News has reached me that members and guests at the proposed Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma meeting due to be held at Blackfen on 30th November are to be asked to observe a dress code.
Ordinary members and guests should all wear cravats (if male) and burkas (if female).

The Chairman and officers of the Guild will be expected to wear the special regalia as shown below.

The ordinary form of Guild regalia, the extraordinary form
is more elaborate
Any priests attending are expected to conform with the special clerical garb of The Order of Guild Chaplains as shown by these previous chaplains...

Rumour  also has it that a brother blogger will make an appearance although, it is said that he wishes to remain anonymous.

I have something of a scoop in what I believe is the only known image of this blogger, although, this picture has not been verified as being totally accurate.

Although calling himself 'Bruvver' he could well be a she and, in reality a Sista!

Who can tell from the photograph below?



  1. Sorry - my burka is at the cleaners !

  2. I'll be the one in the red biretta.

  3. Patricius...and the password...B**z, B**z!
    Bruvver Eccles, hope it will not clash with my cravat.
    Pelerin, hope to see you there, sans Burka!

  4. If I may, what is the reason you have chosen to associate the picture of the Mason with this group?

    The jpg is named "mason.jpg" so I assume it is a deliberate attempt to convey something, perhaps that something about the guild merits such an association.

    I am not familiar with the guild, but did try unsuccessfully to see if I could find anything that would indicate any connection between the guild, or its practices, with masonary, so I am honestly interested.

  5. Kathleen, it's called a sense of humour. Puerile humour, maybe.