Thursday, 14 November 2013

I think I'm going feral

As a Catholic I mean.

Here in rural Wales, life has taken on a slightly surreal aspect.

A traditional rabbit

Six weeks ago a large white buck rabbit appeared in our garden.

Mrs Linen immediately applied superglue to the gun cabinet and forbade me to Google lapin au pruneaux recipes.

The rabbit stayed with us for days and the days merged into weeks. It was joined by another white rabbit.

A doe.

My wife gave them names. She hoped for an outcome. She had visions of a garden full of fluffy baby white bunnies.

I knew that the odds were stacked against them.
 It's wild down here; we have foxes, wild cats, badgers, mink, stoats, polecats, buzzards and things that go bump in the night.

So, the buck disappeared (I think the Bishop may have eaten him).

And then, inexplicably, buck numero two appeared.

I caved in and bought some rabbit feed (just for fattening purposes, you know).

Did I mention the pigeons?

Some white pigeons put in an appearance and began to breed, actually.

And then they were joined by some recusant rough Trafalgar Square types of pigeon who have now, a la ++ Fulton Sheen's story, of how a man released white doves on an island and how eventually, through indiscrimination, their progeny turned mottled and then bog standard blue (an allegory for liberal Catholics, see).
 We now have a garden that resembles pet's corner at the zoo.

What to make of all this?
Down in peaceful Pembrokeshire this is 'hold the front page' sort of news.

The thing is both rabbits and pigeons seem to be thriving on this outward bound type existence (I'm also providing corn for the pigeons, in case you hadn't guessed - purely for fatt.....well, you know the rest).

It strikes me that these animals are much better off outside the hutch or pigeon loft, free of the care of their owner and free of the bars that hold them.

Maybe, I could go the same way, be free, feral and better off.

Where's the nearest SSPX?


  1. I have been feral for a long time!The rabbit seems to be an escapee,good for him,no rabbit should be kept in a hutch.Glad you are feeding the animals that come to your door,God feeds them through you.

  2. Sandy, I'm just an old softie at heart :)

  3. When you know the faith just fine yourself and/or can just read Scripture (and Denzinger, of course) for yourself, you have no need for a hierarchy, right? Best case scenario they just tell you to keep doing what you're doing, but they'll probably end up smothering the Holy Ghost. Throw off the "structure of false obedience" like many have done (and not just with the hierarchy, but also with regard to the SSPX's own structure too like some have done more recently). Be free of ecclesiastical bondage like so many others have happily done.

    --Every non-Catholic sect ever

  4. I would retire some distance before describing any SSPX type I ve ever met as "feral" to their faces.

  5. Awww! Looking forward to pictures of your thriving brood of obese fluffy white rabbits. Trads are known for having large families, you know.


  6. Nooooo, don't do it! Stay with us!!

    Also, save the tiny wabbits!

    1. Rhoslyn, many thanks. due to the state of the market i think you will have to put up with me for some time to come. As for the 'wabbits' - I think the fox has put pay to any thought of the patter of tiny paws.