Friday, 8 November 2013

30 of the most powerful images......

My eldest daughter sent me the link below to a collection of poignant photographic pictures, most of them concerning intimate moments of human grief or love.

The collection is most moving but, above all, it seems to me that there is a common theme in most but not quite all of the pictures; one almost unseen by those who collated the set.

The theme is faith and love. Faith and love in God.

I will say no more, you may view the set HERE but, some of the shots are disturbing.

And my favourite? I think that number 8 is pretty amazing.

Thank you FG.


  1. Thank you Richard for sharing these with us. I was in tears before I had got even half way through - they are so poignant.

    The first photo of the Missionary holding the starving child's hand has remained with me ever since I first saw it on a postcard many years ago. The word 'iconic' is much misused these days I know, but to me this really is an iconic photograph showing the compassion of Missionaries everywhere in one simple photo.

  2. I would like to add one to these photos. The latest one showing Pope Francis. No not the one showing him wearing a red nose which the Daily Mail chose to publish, but the one showing him embracing the man with NF.

    1. I agree with you Pelerin, and that is the first time I have seen the 'hand of the missionary' - it is a haunting picture.

  3. These pictures are a 'fraction' of a witness, of the suffering of 'men'. In every century 'men vs. men'. We are not fighting 'dinosaurs', we are not fighting 'aliens'.........we are destroying one another. Every child that was ever born is created in the image of God........who can deny, that we can act as 'demons', 'ravenous beasts'!!!.

    Let us not forget to look at the 'Crucifix'......there's a MAN- GOD ON THE CROSS.......WE, HIS creatures did this to HIM!

    Did the human suffering change the world? Did the world repent? Do we ever learn? Are we doing penance for offending God our Creator, who has created life on this earth with all gifts to sustain our life?

    Is the hierarchy, the lay Catholics of 'today'......witness of God's Kingdom on earth! Catholics cannot serve 'two masters'......No wonder the world rejects HIM!

    God in His Goodness, in His Love does not stop to show His Mercy.........for His creatures to turn to HIM.......pride, greed, cold hearts is our blindness.....HE is a JUST GOD, HIS WISDOM is not our 'wisdom'........what we reap, we must sow!

    O Lord, Lord, Almighty King.....
    Let the nations know that
    God is Thy Name;
    Thou alone are the
    Most High over all the earth....
    (Psalm 82:19)

    .....sorry Pelerin........hugs, can be deceiving.......the Vicar of Christ must be a Soldier of Christ......proclaiming HIS TRUTH!