Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Yet another good case for the Latin Mass....

....where are the well balanced and well reasoned cases for the Ordinary Form?


And I agree with the priest who commented on my last post to the effect that the OF Mass, if celebrated reverently and so on, is a thing of beauty. But, diminished beauty when compared with its Extraordinary counterpart.


  1. Very good. Fr. A.M.

  2. I love the E. F. Mass very much.

    I didn't know how beautiful the O. F. Mass could be until I visited an Anglican Use parish in my town.

    Now I'm a parishioner there and can say that the Anglican Use of the O. F. Mass is much more beautiful than the regular O. F. Mass and on par with the E. F. Mass.

    1. Tito, I agree and, if we had not moved to an area where liturgical abuses abounded, we would probably be still going to the OF. But I still believe that it is, as Pope Benedict classified it "Ordinary" compared with the "Extraordinary". Thanks for all your support and help. God bless.