Saturday, 16 November 2013

You only see your mother once a year?

You mean no weekly visits?

No long distance communications?

And you ignore her requests when you do speak? 

Why do you neglect your own mother like that?

Don't you know that you are hurting her with your shallow way of life and your lack of love?

A weekly visit is not too much to ask, especially as she is not so far from you; and you could speak to her everyday as any decent son or daughter would.

That would please her. You know, do you not, that she loves you more than you can ever imagine?

And that her main wish is that you would return to her family and to her Son's embrace.

So don't be a 'Christmas Catholic' come back now in preparation for Advent that begins on Sunday 1st December.

Return to the Faith and please your mother



  1. Nice post...Thank you for it.
    I have been a weekly Sunday visitor to Our Mother for over 3 years now and always look forward to them. Mostly it is at her Grotto on the grounds of the Girl's Academy, but whenever I am prevented from doing so, a visit to her altar in Church suffices. It is very serene and quiet at Her Grotto, punctuated only by a passing train or car on the gravel road below. I do chat with Her, if only during a Rosary, but sometimes in conversation. I've missed a few times, and feel badly when I do. That is a very Beautiful picture of her...

    1. Thank you Dave, and you have a great blog. I have added it to my blogroll. God bless.