Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Latin Mass in Herefordshire

"O Mary conceived without sin,
pray for us who have recourse to thee"

On Sunday 8th December, Feast of The Immaculate Conception, there will be a sung Latin Mass at the monastery of the Poor Clares at Much Birch, Herefordshire at 6pm.

The Newcastle Emlyn Schola will be in attendance and thanks should go to the LMS Cardiff crew who are introducing some excellent communication initiatives proving that, even in a Diocese where the Latin Mass is, how shall I phrase it? About as popular as the Black Death, it is possible to break down barriers by means of good and positive actions.

At any rate, what better way to celebrate this great, great feast of our Mother?

Here is the address:

The Poor Clare Monastery
Much Birch


  1. Thanks be to God, Father Anthony Tumelty OSB celebrates the Mass of Ages each Sunday usually (though not in this case,) at 6,30pm. It is, at present the only regular Mass of Ages in the Cardiff Diocese.

  2. Gertrude, I'm looking forward to meeting him.