Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ramsgate's not all bad

Ramsgate (aka Simony-on-Sea) is not all bad. It is a pleasant South East England seaside town, one of the five Cinque Ports.

It has been in the news quite a lot recently over the scandal of some rather ancient and beautiful altar vessels that the Monks of Ramsgate (now removed to Chilworth) had placed in the hands of auctioneers.
The chalices, monstrance and ciboria have been saved (DG) H/T to  Fr Tim and Fr Ray who guide to this press release HERE

But, as well as being a good place to enjoy a fish and chip supper or a dip in the sea, preferably before the aforesaid supper, Ramsgate is so very well endowed with Extraordinary Form Masses.

St Augustine's Abbey Church has EF Masses every Friday and Sunday and St Ethelbert's has one every Wednesday morning.

A pity that St E's can't manage a Sunday one.

This parish is under the guiding hand of Fr Marcus Holden, well known on the Catholic Media circuit for his excellent work.
What is more, Fr Holden originates from Pembrokeshire, close to Tenby, in fact.

And, yet more info - I had the privilege of serving at Fr Holden's first EF Mass celebrated at Our Lady of the Taper, Cardigan. a few years ago.

Here is a glimpse of a Mass held at the Abbey church of St Augustine described as being one of Pugin's gems,  Fr Holden is the celebrant at this wonderful Byrd Mass.

Who would opt for an OF Mass after witnessing this?

NB Apologies for confusing St Ethelbert's with St Augustine's earlier, this has now been corrected.

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