Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A psychometric test for Catholics

View these images and then state the designation that springs to mind...

And your answer is?..................................

Correct. Sad eh?


  1. I don't get your point. And I am a practicing Catholic with a B.A. in Psychology.

  2. Puff, my apologies, that was meant to be a funny remark but, on re-reading it I realised that one needs a knowledge of the state of the church in the UK to fully appreciate it. Therefore, it was mis-placed humour. Sorry.

  3. Still trying to figure this one out. From the last picture I deduce that it cannot have any British application because it shows the wrong side of the road!

  4. Blancmange and a white feather made me think of Bishops, though I would be hard-pressed to explain why. Something to do with a lack of backbone, perhaps? But the doughnut, weather vane and winding road have me stumped...

  5. Well done Mac, doughnut equals the magic circle (a bit obscure, I agree) weathervane blows whichever way the prevailing wind wants it to go and....who knows what's down the road!
    Patricius - too much thought!

  6. His name was +Vi--i-innnn,
    ...and it's a si-i-i-innn,
    ..that he ever got i-innnn,
    to Westminster fair,

    ...now it's not funny,
    ...we're not happy bunnies,
    ...the outlook's not sunny,
    in Westminster fair!