Monday, 27 February 2012

Burning the Koran is wrong....

......And so is burning the Bible or a Missal!

An Islamic mob burn an effigy of the Holy Father

Yet the civil authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia routinely incinerate hundreds if not thousands of them each year.

Many naive or, possibly, evangelistic Christians are apprehended every day in Saudi Arabia as they arrive on their flight from the Americas or Europe.

In their luggage is a Bible, sometimes, many Bibles.

To bring any Christian literature into the country is against the law in Saudi and so, all materials will be confiscated and disposed of.

The penalties can be harsh but one thing is certain, the holy books will be burnt (hopefully, before any act of sacrilege can be committed).

It was a mindless act of stupidity on the part of those soldiers who burnt the copies of the Koran - but perhaps the Muslim community might like to get a perspective on the issue.


  1. Richard,
    You are absolutely right-I totally agree with your sentiments!

    God Bless,


  2. You are correct, but Muslims only seem to care when the Koran is desecrated by infidels. The Korans that were burned in Afghanistan were already desecrated, by Muslim prisoners, who were using them to send coded messages.

    I think the real take-away from this incident is that we have been lied to. We have been consistently told for the last 20 years that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving moderates, that "extremists" make up only a small percentage of Islam. But it is not the Taliban or Al-Qaeda that is rioting around the world over this, it is the everyday Muslim, who the media would have us believe is "moderate" and "peaceful"

  3. Patrick.
    You are absolutely correct-I couldn't agree more to what you have just stated!


  4. Patrick, Whilst I agree that the people who are rioting over the burning of the Qur'ans (which, as you correctly mention were already desecrated) are ordinary Muslims the vast majority of Muslims are not involved in these events.

    Richard, Your comments regarding the Saudi practices are spot on. Heck, it is even illegal in that country for a Muslim to become a Christian. Of course, Saudi Arabia has long been an important ally of the US and the UK - just as the Taleban once were when we armed them in their struggle against the Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein was when he used WMDs against the Kurds. We do like to make allowances for our friends, don't we? Can we spell "hypocrites" boys and girls?