Saturday, 9 April 2011

Who is this Monsignor Curry? He of the prodding finger and loud tone

James Paul Curry was born on 1st June 1960 and ordained in 1986. His occupations are listed as reading, cinema, walking and opera.

Photo: Wikipedia
A modest little building - The Athenaeum
His club is The Athenaeum in London and, as well as toiling in the fields of the Lords in parishes such as Chiswick and Notting Hill he has been private secretary to Cardinals Hume and Murphy O'Connor.

Currently Parish Priest of Our Lady of Victories in Kensington he hit the blog headlines in 2010 when he threw out the Sunday Solemn Sung Latin Mass in favour of a Phillipino Folk version in Tagalog. He is obviously an avid follower of the Holy Father!
His name has been mentioned as a likely appointee for an Auxiliary  Bishop post (sounds an ideal and
well qualified candidate to me).
Photo: Wikipedia
Sybaritic? Certainly opulent!

  Really not too sure about The Athenaeum Club though. Are priests meant to join such sybaritic establishments?

Biographical details extracted from Who's Who in Catholic Life


  1. As modern vulgarians would put it, this man clearly has class. Any idea where I could get some?

  2. LF - do you mean lower or upper?

  3. Richard

    I can assure you that the picture above is not him!


  4. That photo looks like Fr Terry Phipps and yet it is NOT Jim Curry.


    Fr Curry is a tall man with an episcopal smile and much admired by Vincent Nichols.

  6. Thank you to those who pointed out that the photo of Mgr Curry was not, in fact him but a Fr Phipps - it's easy to confuse Curry and Phipps! Sorry.
    SV - what's an episcopal smile?

  7. I want to know what an episcopal smile is aswell! Also, can anyone smile episopallicaly or is it reserved for the few?

  8. I don't know about class but, clearly, he has now got form.