Thursday, 7 April 2011

Does anyone know?

What has happened to the post of British Ambassador to Vatican City?

Why does the Archdiocese of Cardiff still await a new Archbishop?

When will Bishop Regan of Wrexham Diocese retire gracefully (or ungracefully just as long as he retires)?

Which Bishop has authority over the Redemptorists who continue to produce c**p publications?

Who will call a halt to the Warwick Street Mass for homosexuals?

How much is a Papal Knighthood?

Answers on a postcard please or, if you have questions you would like to add....make a comment..a polite one please.


  1. After you get your answer perhaps you could have the answer guy head over to our side of the globe and see if he can get some answers for us, too.


    The Vatican cannot possibly be blind to the abuses in the Church yet we hear nothing. I have to chalk it up to corruption stemming from Communists and Freemasons infiltrating the hierarchy. I know, it sounds conspiratorial but there's enough evidence to confirm it and there really isn't too many other good ways to explain the level of wanton disregard of faithful and the truth.

    The Church is splitting in America. Are you seeing the same thing in the UK?

  2. Catawissa, no, the Church is not splitting as such in Great Britain. All the Bishops are in the same mould, worried about climate change and the next round of golf but not about abuses in the Church. I am not sure which model I prefer. At least you have got some good guys!

  3. A lot of the laity here in the US is starting to look past our local bishops and on to Peter. We are finding that we can't trust all the leftist, social justice, liberation theology promoting bishops that hold power in many of our diocese.

    We do have a lot of good bishops but many seem to be afraid to speak out. One exception was our last Archbishop here in St. Louis, Cardinal Raymond Burke. Of course, he's moved on to greener pastures in the Vatican. But, boy was it fun while he was here! He's one hell of a pot stirrer!

    There is a movement of incredibly liberal catholics called The American Catholic Council that is holding a big convention in Detroit. They have a website so Google them if your interested in just how crazy Catholicism is becoming over here. Women priests and using democracy to decide doctrine are just a few of the things they promote.

    Satan's been busy and he's about to grab a bunch of souls. The fields have been prepared, the seed planted and the harvest will be good. And, as the Church declines so goes the West and our civilization. And the Ottoman Empire is reforming with Islam knocking at Europe's door. Seems that history repeats itself, no?

  4. i was tempted, but I'll be serious.

    Q. When are you going to come up with an HQ commensurate with the dignity of the Ordinariate?

    NB For the sake of clarity I have used bishopese.