Friday, 1 April 2011

"Cool Church" to have UK premiere in Cardiff

"Cool Church" or, to give it the original Dutch title, "Koele Kerk" is a musical theatrical production based on the history of Christianity from Genesis to present day. Originating in Holland where it has enjoyed a season of playing to full houses, its producers, Troo Leeh Orribelle Productions of Eindhoven, are to bring it to Great Britain for the pre Christmas period this year.

 The main reasons for the success of this show is that it is performed on ice, all 90 minutes of it and it also  features a cast comprised entirely of 78 Cistercian Monks.

The premier will take place at the International Ice Rink in Cardiff in late November and other venues include the Giggleswick Ice Empire, Cheltenham  Arena and the London Ice Palladium before being transferred to the USA in the Spring of 2012.

A highlight of "Cool Church" is the guest appearance
of  Ursuline Nun, Sister Brunella
It is anticipated that this production could attract the attention of Catholic traditionalists who may object to the inclusion of several musical adaptations from scores by Sir Elton John and Lady GaGa but the promoters are confident that the show will be as popular in England and Wales as it was in The Netherlands.
Full booking details are available here.

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