Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Priests must say the Extraordinary Form of Mass!

We now have an absurd situation, two primary forms of the Mass but only a small percentage of priests either able or willing to celebrate one of them.

The Bishops standpoint appears to be "You may have either form of the Mass provided it's the Ordinary Form" (apologies to Mr Ford). They need to observe the Holy Father's guidance on the issue and commence making plans to ensure that every parish that wants the Latin Mass may have it. And those that do not want it are educated into its origins so that, over a period of time it is introduced to them and becomes part of the norm.

It is totally unacceptable for a priest to say: "I don't/won't say it." It is rather like saying that they will no longer hear Confessions or catechise converts. The celebration of the Mass in all its forms should not be optional, it is part of our  liturgical menu....no one can say "It's off today."

Let's face it, the carte du jour is a pretty limited one, here are the basic choices:-

St Blog’s Menu of the Day


Catechism Classes
Stations of the Cross
Sacrament of the Sick


Mass – Ordinary Form

Mass – Extraordinary Form


40 Hours Devotion
Processions (when in season)

That's not too hard a programme to provide is it? And while you are about it Bishop, please do not let us have any more of that nonsense about the EF Mass only being available at 3.45pm on Wednesday afternoons.....that's not in the spirit of Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum is it? Be honest!
We would like a regular EF Mass every Sunday morning like what normal Catholics get!
It's at this stage that (in scenes enacted around the country) Bishops slump over their breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and have to be revived with smelling salts. As they come to they gasp the immortal words of John McEnroe but, yes Bishop, we ARE serious!

So please, as they say, stop sitting on your hands and begin to work out a programme to ensure that all of the above takes place. Not in five years time, not even in 2 years time, we want it to start six months from now.

"More smelling salts please Nurse!"


  1. I choose the EF from the main course, and would like it served before 5pm on a Sunday and within a reasonable distance from home.

  2. I'm very blessed to have already belonged to a parish where the Extraordinary Form of the Mass has been celebrated every Sunday for the past 18 months. I thank God every day for this and for our holy pastor who made it possible. We're also fortunate that the Mass is at Noon and not at the dinner hour. I pray for those who are not so fortunate.

  3. We do have a number of 'token' EF Masses in Wrexham Diocese. Unfortunately +Regan does not show much interest in that direction. He veers unerringly towards the Church in Wales, that is where his present interest lies, channelling his energies into the ‘ecumenical’.
    We can only hope and pray that the new Bishop will be a more traditional soul, he certainly is long overdue!