Saturday, 16 April 2011


It had to happen, a Soho Pub Landlord looks likely to be at the receiving end of a great deal of unwelcome attention from the homosexual lobby because he removed two men from his pub. Their offence? Well, they were kissing passionately in the bar.

Photo: BBC
The offending (and offensive) couple
Because I am of a rather cynical nature I believe that this affair has all the hallmarks of a set-up job following on from the Christian Bed and Breakfast couple who were taken to court for refusing rooms to homosexuals. I am quite certain that this case will end up in court. The reaction of London's 'gay' community is to threaten to invade the pub and stage a massive "kiss in" and this appears to have the approval of Conservative MP Alan Duncan who claims that it is an appropriate way of expressing disapproval.

Now I do not wish to turn this post into a outraged of Tunbridge Wells type rant but I am in full agreement with the landlord. As far as I am  aware, a Publican has the authority to remove whomsoever he chooses from his premises (within the framework of the law) as, essentially, the pub is also his own home and he has a right to approve, or not, of what goes on there.

Let's face it, Soho is full of homosexual pubs where, I guess, consenting males could kiss to their heart's delight; personally, I go to a pub for a pint and a bit of rustic conversation but, hey, it takes all kinds.

The issue is, were they in breach of any law? Of course not. But then how does one guard against this type of behaviour?
Naturist beaches are places to avoid especially if you have young children with you but kissing may apparently take place anytime, anywhere.
I have a feeling that this is another 'pushing out the boundaries' exercise and, before long we will not be able to enter a pub without tripping over men kissing men - yuck!

The answer may lie in the hands of those drinkers who enjoy their ale or
G & Ts in a normal atmosphere, is it possible that they might respond in an appropriate fashion when homosexual or heterosexual kissing takes place in the Dog and Duck?
I know they would in my local!


  1. Hi Richards,

    Thanx for visiting my Blog and for your comment. Sorry you didn't like that particular song. Father Francis has recorded many songs, including good old Catholic ones; and has raised over £1m for various charities over the years with his songs and books. He also contributes to The Universe paper.

    Check out his other songs on You Tube by searching for Father Francis Maple. You'll like his "Ave Maria" and other hymns.

    God bless.

  2. The gay MP Alan Duncan would approve, wouldn't he?
    I'm afraid I agree with you. This has all the hallmarks of a set-up. There may well be some kind of previous incident which we haven't yet been told about.
    To threaten action which would close down a pub is the sort of bullying tactic we have grown used to.
    What the LGBT lobby have not realised is that every legislative victory leads inexorably to handing the State ever greater powers over personal liberty including, eventually, their own.
    An Orwellian future writ large.

  3. When heterosexuals do this the phrase "get a room" is often used, i.e. that sort of behaviour isn't accepted or expected in public.

    But then "gays" think that sodomy is acceptable in public toilets and parks!

    their moral compass isn't skewed -- it's been thrown out of the window into a festering pile of faeces.