Monday, 18 April 2011


Or, in your office, on your work station, on the tea trolley, put one anywhere (respectable, that is) and show that you are proud of your faith.

64 year old electrician, Colin Atkinson has a palm cross on the dashboard of his company van and now faces a disciplinary hearing because of it. Is it perhaps a health and safety issue? does not obscure anything but it DOES reveal shows that he is a follower of Jesus Christ and that appears to be something that his employers will not stand for despite the fact that his boss, by the name of Mr Doody (change your name man!) has a Che Guevara poster on his office wall. Now, to say that I am rather opposed to Che Guevara is something of an understatement. His bearded face looks out from just about every student bedroom but few seem bothered by the fact that, among his many misdemeanours, this thug machine gunned some 300 men women and children in a brutal act of murder most foul.
I am not familiar with Mr Atkinson's company premises but, if I know electricians, I would wager that a few walls will also have the odd saucy calendar or porno pin-ups decorating it.

Of course, that's all OK....but when it comes to a palm cross in your van or wearing a crucifix chain...then it's you for the high jump!

So maybe we Catholics should fight back and show some solidarity with Mr A. You do see one or two cars with a rosary hanging from the rear view mirror however, I don't think that is particularly good. But a rosary or small crucifix discreetly bluetacked to the dashboard might be a habit worth cultivating.

Or a "Tenner" slipped over an indicator switch (my preferred mode) is also good, one does not need to be blatant about it.
That does provide me with one headache, however, do you think that a four foot high statue of St Therese de Lisieux is a bit OTT?


  1. Im a Rosary on the rear view mirror girl,(plus a Motorists prayer card)and our sons memorial cardis on the dash of my husbands wheels ( a Ford van). My blue plastic rosary has now been in Monty the Rover,ChiChi the Peugeot,Derek the Mondeo and Tilley the Ka, am waiting to see if I get another car for it!We have had fish on the back but they get damaged or wont come off when you change cars .

  2. I don't drive, no periphery vision (well, not enough to shout about anyway), but I do tend to pray at bus stops, with my rosary beads as I hate waiting for late buses and it suddenly occurred to me, it was a good use of time. I think the Lord had the same thought though, as the buses irregularities seem to be increasing! He always did have a sense of humour like that, with me......
    I've also just stuck the Holy Week poster up, in the kitchen window and thought of the 'palm man' in the news when I did.