Thursday, 28 April 2011

Altar server shortage? Not any longer!

I just had to feature this from Acts of the Apostasy, read the whole post HERE

"Because the circus had trained the chimps so well for their acts, it didn't take long for them to learn the motions and actions required of altar servers - the procession, assisting at the altar, holding the paten during communion, and so on.

"About the only things they can't manage," Fr. Bailey said, "are lighting the candles and handling the thurible. Fire and smoke sorta freaks them out, so the deacon takes care of those responsibilities."

Hmm....I know of some human altar servers who can't serve as well as these chimps! (but none that I serve alongside, phew!)



  1. One of the comments I often hear denigrating OR scrub nurses is that trained chimps could do their jobs. I will have to check out the original post at A of the A since I've never heard this crack made about altar servers.

  2. There, and I'd thought all the parish's snaps from my altarboydays (1958 onwards)were irrevocably lost!

  3. It is a bloody brilliant post! I could not comment properly over there, but I should or LarryD might think me a snot. ;)