Friday, 1 April 2011

Welcome to Wales! Land of the free.......


Yes, as of today it will be easier for a 13 year old girl to obtain a "morning after" abortion than it would be for her to buy a packet of Smarties. This is a first for Wales as, elsewhere in Great Britain, a medical consultation and payment (excluding Scotland) is required.

No parental approval is required, all a child has to do is present herself at the local chemist shop and make the request. The pills will be handed over, free and without any check from the child's medical practitioner.

Which is the easiest to obtain - these abortion pills?

Or these? - it's the pills actually!

This has all occurred as a result of the machinations of the Welsh Assembly Government. Anyone who has ever seen a televised debate from the WAG proceedings will know that we are not dealing with cutting edge politics here; in fact, the level of dialogue has been of such dire depths that it has added a certain charm to the practice of watching paint dry. Members address each other by their Christian names and the whole exercise takes on the character of a street residents' association discussing the latest scheme involving grass verge maintenance.

The effects of what the 'experts' and the media are quaintly calling "Emergency contraception" will undoubtedly be a rapid increase in the number of abortions (although this will not be seen on the statistical reports as, of course, there will be no recording or monitoring involved).
The morning after pills are on the verge of becoming the next teenage "must haves" along with iphones and vodka eyewashes.

The whirlwind will be reaped in the years ahead when parents, teachers and the health services will have to cope with the psychologically disturbed who have availed themselves of this service.
Our Lady of the Taper, Pray for Wales!

NB - I have only just seen Catholic and Welsh's excellent take on the subject


  1. Would this be a consequence of the recent referendum to make the Welsh Assembly Government self-sufficient?

  2. Thanks for the H/T Richard. I am incensed at this (the new law - not your plug!). What the Hell are we coming to? This is an absolute outrage! Where was the public debate? Our daughters (their minds, bodies and souls) seem up for sale.

    I am sure some international pharmaceutical firms will make a lot of money out of this. I also wonder if these pills will be stockpiled by some for future "emergencies."

  3. May God forgive them,they know not what they do.

  4. Patricius, no this was already well under way.

  5. diddleymaz - You display great charity, but I am sure they do know.

  6. What beats me is the silence of the parents and, particularly, women at each step to foster the sexual use and abuse of their young daughters' bodies.

  7. Speaking of silence, I looked in vain on the website of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales for a statement condemning this development.