Saturday, 11 June 2011

Prayer for relief from stammering

A little known saint of Holy Mother Church is the Swiss Benedictine monk, St Notker Balbulus. He is the accredited patron saint of all who stammer and stutter and, I guess, those who suffer from any speech defect whatsoever.

The film, The King's Speech has highlighted the plight of those locked into this awful condition (it appears to affect many infants as well as adults).

St Notker, pray for those who stammer
"Notker the Stammerer" as he is known, stammered all of his life but those who suffer from this condition or, who have a loved one with it, may take recourse in this novena prayer.

Petition prayer to St Notker Balbalus - for those afflicted with stammering and stuttering

Dear Lord through the intercession of your beloved follower, St Notker Balbulus we ask for your help in untying the knots that entwine the thoughts, minds and tongues of those afflicted with stammering and uncertainty of speech.

Just as you took mud and spittle to unlock the eyes of the blind so, also, please help …………………in his/her sufferings and bring them to speak freely and unhaltingly  so that they may praise you all their days.

We praise Thee O Christ and adore Thee because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.


  1. The Holy Spirit always steers us to the right place. I just got a prayer petition for a person who stammers. Thanks so much...God is good. N

  2. I am a stutter and I am praying for healing in Jesus name. I also syand in agreement with all those who have the same problem. Amen