Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A little parity for Wales?

Now as I am English (or maybe English with a dash or two of Irish) it may seem strange that I am flying the flag for Wales but, I do have a strong sense of fair play (it's the English part of me) and I notice that just about every blogger...and even the LMS., feature strongly Our Lady of Walsingham and England.
Fine. But, England and Wales are linked not just by the Severn Bridge(s) but also by, what's the phrase?......ecclesiastical union? know, the Catholic Bishops Conference is not just England but England and Wales!

Our Lady of Cardigan - pray for parity!
And here in Wales we have, of equal status to Walsingham,
Our Lady of Cardigan, Patron of Wales - Our Lady of the Taper as she is known for an obvious reason - she holds a candle in her right hand.

Admittedly, the shrine is not quite so grand as Walsingham, in fact, it's definitely quite a long way down market compared with Norfolk......I don't know why the Catholic Church in Wales doesn't put a shade more effort into making the shrine a more desirable place to visit....not for me to reason why although I think the word apathy might come into it somewhere. Lack of vision may be another reason.
However, I am drifting off the point, my plea to other bloggers (and to the Latin Mass Society of England and WALES, who may  feature Our Lady of Walsingham on their site), is, please remember Our Lady of the Taper.
And I am sure she will also remember you!


  1. Our Lady of the Taper isnt Wales only shrine either, dont forget Our Lady of Penrhys.

  2. Also in England: Our Lady of Evesham - where she appeared to Eoves, a swineherd, and to St Egwin,bishop of Worcester.

  3. I thought you were Welsh Richard and lived in Wales? Or did? I must have imagined it, these vivid dreams I get can confuse reality!

  4. Shadowlands, only Welsh by occupation......I do live in beautiful Pembrokeshire which is a blessing but can also be a curse if you want to travel East at any time.

    Diddleymaz....there are many shrines to Our Lady in Wales but only Cardigan is the premier, National Shrine.

  5. I do know that, but it really ought to have been Penrhys which is my local shrine :)
    (but the local council wanted Pilgrimages stopped in the 1970's)Penrhys should be better known.Its commanding position on the mountain top is outstanding and in medieval times it was equated with Walsingham. FYI we had the former statue of Our Lady of Cardigan in St Marys for May devotions with her taper lit for Mass.