Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A little Catholic humour

When God made the world he created a land of pleasant valleys, green fields, flowing rivers full of salmon and sea trout aka sewin, beautiful cliffs and coasts and seas brimming over with fish and seaweed and all good things to eat.
The first people to arrive in this land of plenty were called Welsh and they wondered at the riches that their Creator had made for them. "Truly" they said: "We are blessed that God has so chosen to provide us with such natural wealth".
So impressed were they that they made representation to God and asked Him why they were so providentially blessed.

"Ah" said the Almighty: "You have not yet met the neighbours I have given you!"

And from a book on Primary School howlers comes this one:

" The two main religions of Ireland are Catholics and Prostitutes"

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