Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Oh Joy! the Feast of the Ascension approaches and we have the promise of a circus Mass!

Yippeee! Or should that be *x*!@*! I rather think the latter. But this is not Menevia...much like a circus we may be; this is deepest France where the Cirque Pinder has a really jolly liturgical experience lined up for all those ermm......modernists?.... liberal Catholics?.....Pagans?.....
What words would you use to describe a circus Mass?
Vulgar, profane, shallow, sacrilegeous? They'll
do for a start!

Fr Phillipe Kloeckner from Clermont is planning a big top event on this wonderful feast.
This is from the promotional blurb......

This year, the clowns will lead the procession of offerings. The prayer "Our Father" is to be said with all holding hands in a moment of communion. That particularly excited Fr  P. Kloeckner. "Everyone recites in their own language," he noted, because many nationalities are represented. Another highlight bound to be popular is: the blessing of the animals, mainly tigers and elephants! (Would it be unchristian to pray for a hungry tiger? or, maybe, a weary elephant?)

The celebration, at the initiative of the Pastoral Realities of Tourism and Leisure, is a great opportunity for the local church to be "open to the real world." "It shows that the Church is interested in all" he concludes. In 2010, the circus had hosted 400 people. .....(Bucket please Nurse, and make it quick!)

I must say that it stretches credulity somewhat to think that this sort of debacle is still taking place 6 plus years into the reign of Pope Benedict XVI......does the Diocese of Rodez embrace Clermont Ferrand, I wonder?

H/T to Thoughts from an Oasis in French Catholicism for leading me down this path.


  1. Thanks Richard. No, Clermont Ferrand is Mgr F's previous diocese. The French bishops'site leads its report by telling us all about the support from CF that he will receive at his episcopal ordination. I'd say that the plan is for Rodez to 'embrace' CF. I was feeling too sick at heart to stay there long, and search for reactions in Rodez. Will do that in the morning after a good sleep.q

  2. I have sat here for about 10 minutes trying to think of something appropriate to say that I wouldn't have to confess later.

    Nope, got nothing.

  3. Somehow, "blasphemous travesty" fails to do it full justice.