Saturday, 21 May 2011


I have just come from speaking on the phone to an elderly priest friend who was in Fatima for this year's Feast of 13th May and the rest of the week. He had an amazing story to tell; at about 1.30pm the sun danced once more as it did back in 1917. In his words:
"It began to rotate and change colours so we saw all the colours of the rainbow. It lasted ten to fifteen minutes."

May 13th 1917
If I remember correctly, it was at 1.30pm on 13th May 1917 that the sun danced for the first time.....I am not sure on that timing but it was again witnessed by a crowd estimated to be many thousand strong.
The spectacle apparently began during prayers in thanksgiving for the Beatification of Bl Pope John Paul II (who believed that it was the hand of Our Lady of Fatima that deflected the assassins' bullet).
However, whilst I know that my priest friend is totally reliable I cannot find any credible reference to this happening on the internet.

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  1. You won't be atall keen on the website, but there's two pictures to be found here:

    Pretty amazing, shame it hasn't been more widely broadcast. Apparently Portuguese TV and media did report it.