Thursday, 5 May 2011

I am not a Traditional Catholic anymore!

Labels are so very tiresome aren't they? But they are a requirement in order for us to commence the process of understanding one another. Hence, Mr, Mrs and Miss are all at the primary end of the process.
In the Catholic Church of my youth we were all Catholics, no left wingers, no right ones, no charismatics (Deo Gratias) - we were just plain Catholics.

Now we are a little divided by the tags that range from modernist through to Taliban Catholic (not nice). There is nothing intentionally offensive about them per se, it is just a convenient way of establishing who you are speaking to and where the conversation is likely to lead you.

Now, I am certain that left wing, modernist, liberal Catholics are just as fed up with those tags as I am with right wing, orthodox, traditional ones so, I have experienced a eureka moment and come up with a solution.

It's so obvious that we have all ignored it over the past three or four years. The answer has been staring us in the face and, what is more, it comes with a Papal push behind it. Intrigued?
Let me bring you into the picture before the chest pains commence and hyper-ventilation sets in.....we have the Ordinary Form of Mass attended, by and large, by the ahem...left wingers and the Extraordinary Form attended by the err.... right winger lobby.
Therefore, we are either Ordinary Catholics or Extraordinary Catholics....simple!

Do you see an Extraordinary
 Catholic when you look in
the mirror?
I have quickly grown rather fond of the 'Extraordinary Catholic' title and frequently look in the mirror, Mr Bean style, admiring my Extraordinariness.
Of course, what those poor Ordinary Cs are going to do is another matter and, please, please do not comment and say that you attend both forms of Mass as that well and truly scuppers my scenario!


  1. The only "marker" that matters is a changed life.

  2. Ummmmmm.But what about those who would want to be extraordinary,but can only be ordinary.......

  3. Love this post! I've been trying to be accepted on the 'Extraordinary Form' side for a few years now. If I may state facts simply; I don't think that I would be too keen a practising Catholic had I not 'discovered' the Tridentine Rite. Richard - are our Guardian Angels swapping blogging ideas? I had been thinking of doing a post very similar to yours!

  4. I agree we need to get rid of labels which really create unnecessary polemics. The Church advocates unity in diversity. A Catholic can be charismatic and faithful to the Magisterium, attend the EF and be faithful, belong to one of the new movements and be faithful etc etc. Really there are only two authentic 'labels- obedient to the teaching authority of the Church or disobedient

  5. Have to admit this Richard, reading your blog, is certainly giving me stuff to think about, when I attend Mass. My personal, behaviour, stance and mental attitude. I have really become conscious of what is going on. Not coherent perhaps, but that's not required, ultimately. Just aware, of Him. Thanks for your supportive comments and prayers, by the way.Ros. PS Pray for me, please, also pray for mine.

  6. Put me down as a catholic Catholic!

  7. still like me gospel songs tho, it's probably a lack of nurturing. I like being lullabyed.............

  8. come visit my blog, where the Catholic Church is more traditional than the traditionalist and more modern than the modernist :-) lol

    There is no labels. We are either wholly Catholic or we are not wholly Catholic. No room in Church dogma for lefties or righties, who incidentally seem to assume their own interpretation of Church dogma.

  9. I think that the need for labels is very sad. All this liberal/traditional stuff is divisive. We are all Catholics, children of God through baptism. We should be following Christ not scrapping with one another.
    Sometimes I like EF Mass, most times-due to circumstances-I attend OF Mass. I just love The Mass. Neither is lesser or greater than the other. The Mass is The The Mass.

  10. I don't care for labels. I want to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way for God, plain and simple.

    ha ha - my verification word is expug - a title my naughty little dog may soon qualify for if she doesn't behave.

  11. Mary, I am sure GAs communicate with one another!
    The TLM has saved many people, myself included.

  12. Diddleymaz & Priest's Housekeeper - sorry but I cannot agree but I will do a post soon to explain.

    Ros- praying to St Monica and all prayers for Pad.

    Catholic comes Home - I am sure you can be Extraordinary by desire :)

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  15. Kenneth - thank you so much, those comments are most kind. It is my own unpaid blog, roughly put together by me.
    God bless.