Saturday, 14 May 2011

Irish Catholics show how to treat an improperly dressed priest

To those of you who have never read Brian Moore's 1972 novella called 'Catholics' or seen the DVD, I say hard luck! If you are a liberal church chattering Ordinary Catholic, you will hate it but, if you are a magisterium abiding Extraordinary, you will love it, despite the fact that the ending is far from satisfactory, despite an enigmatic twist.

It tells the story of an island community of Irish monks who maintain the EF Mass and who have gathered an ever increasing following which leads to a significant amount of dyspepsia in Rome. Trevor Howard is the Abbot and a very young Martin Sheen is the 'Vaticanista' Jesuit sent out to troubleshoot.
This is the scene where Sheen tries to board the boat sent by the Abbot, to collect him.
I think we should treat all priests who dress in jeans and sweaters the same way!


  1. Wickedly funny Richard, thanks!

  2. I've never seen the film, but the book has long been a favourite. Thanks for the clip.

    Brian Moore is a good writer (technically rather than morally...) Some of his other novels are worth reading, such as The Colour of Blood and Lies of Silence, but others should definitely be avoided.

  3. Now I have to see the whole thing ....