Thursday, 12 May 2011


I think that, by now, I must be the last of the bloggers present at Westminster Cathedral's meeting last Saturday to make a comment. I think it's called measured and studied, some might say that I'm just slow!

More women bloggers definitely needed!
Well it was a great experience and an amazing event. Many thanks to
 A Reluctant Sinner who chaired the meeting both well and informally and thanks also, to all who attended and were so generous in their welcome and support for a novice such as moi.
Immediately, all previous fears that I may have had were allayed; all present appeared sane and normal, not a fourth former, nerd or outbreak of acne amongst the lot of them. Instead I was treated to a couple of hours of wit and erudition; Paul Priest's knowledge of Canon Law, Laurence England's ready humour and journalistic skills and the rest of them in similar vein. A bonus was the presence of an Anglican in the throes of crossing the Tiber, who had much to offer and the massive presence of Fr Samuel Medley of
 Medley Minute. My only regret to the day was that I did not have time to join the session in the pub afterwards.

My observations regarding the guild are as follows; I think it a pity that it cannot be called The Guild of Catholic Bloggers (due to some approval being needed to use the word Catholic). However, the chosen patron saint seems to be a good choice and, if it's called after him, sobeit.

The aims of the guild as outlined and hammered out at the meeting are simple and straightforward; membership will be open to all Catholics who are loyal to the Magisterium and all posts submitted must conform to the bounds of Christian charity. In other words, the posts will not be inflammatory but will be profound and informative.
The guild will not be sexist in any way and be open to both female and male bloggers, no membership fees will be involved (to the great relief of bloggers from Cardigan and Scotland).

The name of the guild is likely to be 'The Guild of Bl Titus Brandsma' but I think that I prefer one of the earlier options. 'Salt of the Earth' was one mentioned but my vote would go to a quote (so I believe) from one of Pope Benedict's encyclicals, Verbum Domini when he states: "You are not alone"
That speaks volumes for me.
Because the Guild will not be linked to any Bishop and because of its avowed intention of posting charitably, it is hoped that our priest bloggers, who are a great inspiration, will join the ranks.

Meetings to be held about twice a year and an EF Mass celebrated on our behalf.

Maybe, in time, a daily Guild prayer - we shall see.

What is so evident is the fact that this is not going to be an internet exercise; it's going to involve real people and real issues; offical contacts may be only twice a year but in between there is nothing to stop Guild members meeting up for the occasional blognic!


  1. Yes,interested.Was waiting to see how it would pan out!Not sure whether I could post anything profound ,just learning about blogging and find that it can be a lonely occupation,especially if you dont get much traffic.I am a lady if that helps!

  2. ACCH - yes it does help. I believe there are more female Catholic bloggers than male ones and we need to keep a good gender balance. I do not think that you should worry about being profound (I have no authority within the Guild to make such pronouncements but I am sure all would agree). What counts are good posts about issues that you have experienced in the faith. The lack of an EF Mass might be one. God bless.

  3. It was great day and I'm with you in being gutted about missing the pub!

    I think it a pity that it cannot be called The Guild of Catholic Bloggers


  4. Thank you for your excellent post, and your valued contribution to the meeting.