Thursday, 26 May 2011

EWTN needs to sharpen up!

There has been ongoing comment on the blogosphere regarding the paucity of screenings of Tridentine Latin Masses on EWTN, channel 589. But, as far as I can see, those in charge of EWTN remain resolute in not screening any Latin Masses.

One of the few excellent programmes -
 but now they've ditched Fr Corapi!
 Every day there is a Novus Ordo Mass but, even at Easter this year, no EF Mass.
I believe that a balance needs to be struck; every few days I tune in to the Daily Mass screening hoping in vain for something of substance but, what do I see? A very pale version (even) of the OF Mass. The singing is appalling, dirge like, tuneless and lacklustre - and that's every day!

Maybe someone on the production board of EWTN is a closet Tridentinist and hopes that, by showing such banal liturgical travesties, the world Catholic population will turn away from OF to EF. A fond hope.

It's not just the Masses; with one or two exceptions, the broadcasting level ranges from the absurd to the embarrassing. I cannot believe that the people of America enjoy such drivel.
The big stars are Marcus Grodi and Raymond Arroyo and there's a very enthusiastic priest who speaks with verve and energy as if he believes what he is saying. The rest give the word mediocre a new depth to plumb.

Catholic programmes need to
be professional if they are to
have a value
Our own Jamie and Joanna Bogle struggle courageously on with a format that, as any television producer knows, is ratings suicide. How can two people talk about the Moors overunning Europe for 45 minutes and keep it interesting. It is pure dialogue, no film clips or even stills to bring it to life. They do a valiant job but, I'm afraid I am not among their viewing audience.

The rest of the format strikes me as being much akin to The Universe Catholic weekly. A bland look at the mundane happenings of Catholic life. Not for me.
I shall continue to watch the Papal Audiences and one or two other seasonal highlights but, for the rest, it's back to secular viewing, there's more chance of seeing a TLM screened there!

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  1. Yes, ten out of ten for these comments on EWTN. It is now a great disappointment. The loss of Mother Angelica is more obvious than ever. I had the joy of being in Hanceville twice for a priests' retreat. The first time - about four years ago - I also took a tour of the EWTN set-up and concelebrated Mass in that strange chapel. I was impressed with the facilities and the hard work that is being done there, but I am now thinking of ditching the TV altogether and just watching the odd programme on the PC. I am frankly fed up with Fr. Mitch Pacwa and one or two of the other regulars are looking ever more eccentric. I like Raymond Arroyo who has the Mother Angelica sheen and I am really buoyed up by Archbishop Fulton Sheen but I cannot cope with the way they deal with G.K. Chesterton - the content is excellent, the production awful. I could go on. Sad, very sad.