Saturday, 21 May 2011

No Mass Sunday!

We in wild and windy West Wales will have no Sunday Mass for the next two weeks - an Extraordinary Form Mass, that is. Even then, we will only have one once a month and that is a 60 mile round journey but I am not complaining.
Well, I am really but it's more of a form of keening as they might say in Ireland.
A sort of sense of loss and mourning for something much loved that should be there but isn't.

Photo: Daily Telegraph
The most beautiful of Churches!
  So, instead, my heart and my soul will be with two of my daughters at Spanish Place, the Church of St James at 9.30am and arguably the most beautiful parish church in London (it also has excellent cafes within twenty yards that offer wonderful plates of bacon and eggs for a very reasonable price for after Mass).

Food for the body - after food for the soul!
It also has quite the most cosmopolitan congregation of any church in London, rich, poor, emigres, Irish and even a few English folk.

Long may it continue to offer the 'Mass of all Time'


  1. I'll learn Latin for a plate of bacon and eggs like that. They can teach as I eat! Gratias tibi

  2. Richard, we fully empathise with that sense of longing. One question we ask, when there is no EF Mass, is what is the most appropriate thing to do with the time? Should we read through the Mass, should we read some scripture and commentary, say more prayers, practise some plainsong.......tidy up, do some gardening....we really do experience that sense of loss in a very genuine way.