Saturday, 11 December 2010

Breaking news.....SSPX to celebrate Mass in Lisieux Basilica

H/T to Eponymous Flower for reporting on this topic which has reverberations in the Catholic world.

The sarcophagus of St Therese in Lisieux Basilica
Today, the Society comes in from the cold, literally, as, in the past they have had to make do with outdoor Masses behind the Basilica. Now, thanks to the generosity of the encumbent Bishop, Mgr Jean-Claude Exechiel Boulanger, permission has been granted for the Society to celebrate High Mass at the main altar in the Basilica.
The annual SSPX pilgrimage which takes place today will be a symbol for the hopes of positive outcomes to the discussions between Rome and Bishop Fellay on behalf of the Society.
Pray hard for this unity, the Church owes much to the Society of St Pius X who have worked miracles in keeping the Latin Mass alive and available around the world.
And remember - the SSPX are only doing what all Catholics did up until c. 1969 - celebrating Mass in Latin!

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