Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Muslim population explosion!

In the space of just ten years, the UK Muslim population has increased from 1.65 million (2001) to 2.87 million - a staggering 74% increase.
This report comes from The Daily Telegraph of 28th December as a result of figures produced by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, a seemingly straight and trustworthy organisation that focuses on 'promoting a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs'.
I post on this to flag up some looming problems, not to incite racial discrimination.
At this rate the whole cultural, religious, social and political ethos in Great Britain will change dramatically in a very few years.

The good side indicates that, if this does happen, there will be a new awareness of the horrors of abortion and the moral implications of homosexuality.
The bad side (a slightly longer list) is a shade more problematical; the agenda of Islam is largely about establishing their own rule of governance on a country - in brief, creating a Caliphate that administers, among other things, Sharia law. A law that condones stoning of women found in an adulterous relationship, execution for practising homosexuals, public floggings for minor misdeeds together with a disregard for Christian beliefs.
Now, not all Muslims fall into the 'Islamist' category, there are many good and decent Muslim citizens of the UK but......and it's a big but.....we have a watershed of young, male Muslims, largely disaffected with the British way of life and, as such, they are going to present a volatile force in the years ahead. I do not entirely blame them; I believe that radicalisation has taken place in mosques around the country without let or hindrance on the part of either the Imams or the British Government. To a large degree the damage has been done and it is going to be very hard if not impossible to undo it.

We have also opened the immigration flood gates and allowed hundreds of thousands of people into this country who have no legitimate claim to be here or to asylum here. Furthermore, once in the UK, we have made no attempt to educate and inform them as to the sort of country they are settling in. They have little or no concept of democracy and all that it entails, no historical background, no English as a Foreign Language skills, no proper knowledge of Christianity.

Action needs to be taken urgently now (and I do not mean BNP type action). I mean that we need to block up the holes in our entry laws, establish training and education programmes for the existing immigrant population (a large proportion of whom are Muslim). Create decent career path programmes for young British Muslims and set up voluntary worker experience schemes so that job skills may be honed by working in the voluntary sector for a period and gaining, at the same time, an insight into the social structures of the country. And much more besides.


  1. All I want to know is why Christians have so few children? Muslims still favour large families. Several Muslim families I know are very impressed with my brood & we have much in common. Why do Catholics have so few children? I include one of your words.."traditional" ..even these have small small I include anything under about six children..Well then Richard? The white races will be in the of our Miles Jesu tracts has something about this..I must find it..

  2. Jackie - you are absolutely correct. Catholics have gone the route of 1.5 children.
    However, many trads that I know (I do not know many mods so this may be unfair)have families of six plus. One of my best friends is one of 15! I am one of 7.

  3. Richard! What on earth are "mods????"

  4. Jackie, they are Catholics who have lost sight of the teachings of the Church, do not obey the Holy Father, pick and mix their faith to suit their moral dilemmas, only indulge in sing along Masses - Modernists if you prefer.

  5. We have let a snake into the living room of Europe by large scale migration of Muslims. Only Our Lady intercession can save us now.

    Pray the rosary daily that Europe will be saved from Islam.

  6. It's not the's Catholics not having babies!

  7. When was the last sermon you heard on Humane Vitae?