Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ten amazing Catholic list of 2011 includes three prominent bloggers!

Journalist Mary O’Regan, writing in the Catholic Herald (click here for the full article), has drawn up a list of her ten outstanding Catholics of the past year and, no less than three of those included are Catholic bloggers.

It is an impressive roll and, of course,  Dylan Parry (A Reluctant Sinner) is one of those listed and many congratulations to Dylan, such recognition is richly deserved.
Journalist Mary O'Regan
of The Path Less Taken blog

Good, also to see US blogger, Thomas Peters included. Tom is a young man who has rapidly built up a most successful blog over a span of six years, once known as American Papist he is now part of the Catholic Vote blog.

Mary’s list also contains Robert Colquhoun (I feel the ‘amazing’ theme is on youth as far as the list is concerned, and why not?). Robert is well known for his work for the unborn and for those suffering the after effects of abortion. His blog also needs no introduction but to those who may not have come across it, it is Love Undefiled.

The complete article may be viewed here and the remaining seven names are, equally illustrious. Bishop Mark Davies is there (huzzah! as Fr Z might say) as well as some who have suffered death and persecution for their Catholic faith.

It is a good and inspirational thing to reflect on those among us who are excelling in their lives and in how they are making a difference in the world.
 We have been starved of good Catholic role models for many years and we should rejoice that we have such ‘beacons of the faith’ among us.

In her article, Mary O’Regan has also touched on the formation of the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma and I am sure all Guild members are grateful to Mary for this.

In some ways this list of 'amazing Catholics' is an accolade, in part, for the way in which the new technologies may be used to effectively spread news and information rapidly and even to evangelise.

Herself a well established and respected blogger, Mary was one of the British (Irish) contingent who received an invitation from the Vatican in 2011 to attend the world seminar in Rome.

Her blog also needs no introduction - The Path Less Taken

Please note: Apologies to Robert Colquhoun as I found it impossible, for some reason, to link to his blog.


  1. Dylan is such an amazing and lovely guy. A proper Catholic if you know what I mean. Someone I would aspire to be like in fact.

  2. @ Richard and Stuart

    You're both too kind!

    You and your blogs are both hugely inspirational to me and to many, many others, too!

    Keep up the good work...

    God bless. D

  3. Your words indeed!a inspirational.The humbleness of thoughts brings joy to my soul.Do share more and read more. Catholic faith

  4. Thank you Christine. God bless.