Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hands in the air! I'm an evangelical!

And I didn't even know it!
What could be better than a Catholic
 in The White House? - A traditional Catholic?
 No - a Republican traditional Catholic!

 It seems that the BBC are now referring to US Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, as an "Evangelical Christian" which, in Beeb terms means fundamentalist bigot.

But, as Stuart at eChurch points out, Rick Santorum is a Pape; not only that but it appears as if he is a fur lined traditionalist Pape!

Just imagine it.
 A Catholic President of the USA - no!
A Republican traditional Catholic President of the USA - that would be worth a huzzah or two.

Now I await the filling up of my combox with people telling me that he, (Rick S) is not a traditionalist.

When he made his thank you speech in Iowa earlier today one of the first things that he did was to publicly thank Almighty God.

In my book that's pretty traditional these days.

"Game on Santorum" (his surname even sounds Latiney).


  1. He is definitely a traditional Catholic, if not traditionalist. He is a faithful member of a traditional parish and goes to Latin Mass (don't know if it's EF or OF), but I found the parish website the other night (it's called St Catherine of Sinea, just outside Washington DC, in some small Virginian town - easily Googled) and read that Solemn Masses there are always set to Gregorian chant - they have the Gradual instead of the Responsorial Psalm, etc, too.

    He is 100% against gay marriage and homosexuality, supports the family and life issues 100% and has said that, unlike JFK, he would be willing to govern according to his faith and the teachings of the Church.

    The way he has dealt with those who hate him and with the sad death of one of his children also point towards a man who takes the Christian vocation to holiness seriously.

    Wouldn't it be amazing if the last great president of the US happened to be a Catholic saint, too!? I know who I'd be voting for if I was an American...

  2. Dylan is absolutely right. Santorum is most certainly a traditional Catholic. And let me say that 'glancing' at the gay t'interweb today - as you do - they are NOT impressed at all.

    This is a remarkable turnaround, truly remarkable.

    This is one for our prayers that's for sure.

  3. Just out of curiosity, but where did the BBC call him this? I want to find it so that my friends and I can have a good laugh about this.

  4. Daniel - it has been on most of the BBC's news reports, emanating from Mark Mardell.

  5. Great post, Richard. I will be offering Rick Santorum's intentions at my daily Tridentine Mass. I read today that Santorum may not have time to get his name known and to make his case for why he should be elected. It behoves the blogosphere to help him out in this respect. I hope to follow your lead in time Richard, it's just that American politics isn't my strong point.

  6. How about we launch a Rosary crusade for him? I'll offer one for starters.

  7. Anthony - excellent suggestion, with you on that.

  8. It sure would be something else, if Santorum won by the prayers of foreigners! But a very good something else, that's for sure! :)

  9. I would gladly join a prayer chain for him. The media here in the States doesn't give him a chance, but I am hoping and praying still...