Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Mass for the New Year......and no less than 4 seminarians!

The EF Mass celebrated on New Year's Eve at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Morriston, near Swansea, was attended by a congregation of around 30 including four young men in the throes of their vocational training (not NVQs) for the priesthood.

An Apple at Benediction? So sensible!
And, what is more, they came from three continents!

During Benediction after Mass, another member of the congregation, a priest from Argentina, was seen busily consulting his mobile.

Tut! tut! one could not help but think (actually, I did not notice him, this information was passed to me afterwards, just in case any nasty comments were being pointed in my direction)..................
.......but, in fact, he was looking up the words to the hymns on his iPhone.

Much better than thumbing through massive hymn books full of  classics such as "I wish I was a wriggly worm" and, of course, the dreaded, "SJS"

What's an iPhone?

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