Sunday, 22 January 2012

If you've got a problem - Ask Auntie

Our Father's last will and New Testament

Dear Auntie

My Father left me and my brothers and sisters a rich legacy in His will, and I am very grateful for it.

The trouble is, He specified very clearly how He wanted His children to spend the inheritance and, whilst I try to do what he wanted, (but am far from perfect), most of the rest of the family just do more or less as they please with all that He left them.

To make matters worse, as time has gone on, they have more or less forgotten all that our Father asked of us; they genuinely think they are doing what is right, but, in reality, they are very wide of the mark.

They have distorted and perverted all that He left them and when I challenge them they tell me that I'm an old fashioned fundamentalist - an extremist even.
They accuse me of being disloyal and right wing, some even go so far as to call me snide names like 'Taliban Catholic'.

They ignore all of our Father's directives regarding music, liturgy, the sacraments, women priests, homosexuality, birth control, Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, abortion, married clergy, reverence, and many more besides.

I know that this will have hurt my Father's feelings and I want to do something to help them understand precisely what His words in the will meant, there is no way that there could or should be any diversity of opinion as to their meaning but they have weaselled out different versions so that the original will is barely recognisable.

So what should I do?

Disheartened of Tonbridge Wells

Dear Disheartened of Tonbridge Wells

This is quite a common problem and one that is rapidly increasing in magnitude.
It is always upsetting when families fall out.
There are several things that you can do.

Firstly, you should pray for them and offer up your Masses on their behalf. Your Father will hear your prayers in Heaven and will respond to them.

Secondly, do not go down the route of arguing matters of faith and morals with them. No one has ever been won over to the true course of the faith by arguing.

Thirdly, become a Catholic blogger. It may take some time but your family will start to read your blogs and some of them (not all) will begin to realise just how far they have drifted from your Father's wishes as expressed in His will.

With much affection

Auntie (no, not that Auntie!)

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