Monday, 9 January 2012

An award - but not a big one

I do not say that in any disappointed or ungrateful fashion, I am always eternally grateful for any act of kindness.

In this case it's Michael (or, as I have discovered, Father Michael) at Pray-Lium who has nominated me as one of his awardees for the Liebster Awards.
Thank you Father M, much appreciated.

But now, under the terms of the deal award, I have to respond by nominating five of my favourite blogs. But, (there is always a but) the blogs that I nominate must have less than 200 followers.

So, here goes......

Number 1. This goes to Patrick Button for Button's Blog Why do I nominate Patrick? - because, apart from having interesting posts that are brief and succint, he also wages war on squirrels and that is another common bond (grey squirrels, that is, not the BP red types).

Number 2. Is for Mac at Mulier Fortis; her blog keeps me going and I can enjoy a liturgical drool over her pictures of the plethora of EF Masses that are available in her parish.

Number 3. Clare writes Battlement of Rubies but she does not post half often enough (a busy Mother, you see). But she does have an enviable ability to make a case for the faith under difficult circumstances. I find it hard to keep the red mist from appearing when faced with crass anti Catholic arguments but Clare sails through like a naval cutter - with all guns blazing!

Number 4. This just has to be Mundabor although, I quiver a little in fear at this as he is such an accomplished blogger that, I am sure he is above such things as awards. Nevertheless, if you want uncompromising views and facts about the faith - look no further, Mundie's your man.

Number 5. The Jarrow Scriptorium - Michael lives in the North East of England where men are men and drink a strong, sweet ale called, Newcastle Brown, which is a clear statement as to what it is and where it comes from.
Michael is a prolific blogger and constantly reminds me of feast days that I have forgotten, thank you Michael.

The only thing is.....I'm a bit uncertain about the 200 followers bit.
I think that all of my nominees must be close to the top of that figure if not greatly in excess of it, but, only a few publish their follower numbers, modest souls that they are.


  1. Why thank you kindly Richard!
    Although i am a mere tugboat in a flotilla of very impressive vessels, I hugely enjoyed your description of me as a Naval cutter with all guns blazing!

    You will be glad to know that I fall well within the qualifying terms of this award since I have just a mere handful of discerning followers.
    I am glad to find myself in such auspicious company though.
    Mac I already know. But having perused the other blogs and enjoyed what I see, I have now added them to my reader ( i don't really understand the Google Follower widget and don't use it myself)
    It's rather a nice idea for an award, to give a shout out to 'little' blogs.
    So now I will have a think about whose blogs I will pass the award on to...

    I actually responded to this post yesterday and I think I walked away/got distracted before actually hitting "publish". Oh dear. So if this is one of two comments kindly delete one or the other so that it isn't obvious that I'm a twit.

  2. It's a great pleasure Clare. I had not thought of your blog as "little" - it is the content that matters not the followers.

  3. Richard,
    Thanks for your kind sentiments!